“I was introduced to Iftikhar by a neighbour after he helped her get her finances in order. Not only is he thorough in covering every and all possible basis of what your finances entail, he is responsive, intelligent and a caring human being. As a fairly new self-employed business owner, he helped me prepare for anything that might happen with my finances, and then also insurance, a will and so much more. When my aging mother developed serious health problems, he was able to help her get her things in order, making the trip all the way out to Cambridge to meet her personally. I am a more confident business owner today, because of the expert advice, management and care Iftikhar has demonstrated over the past several years. He’s definitely a man you can trust to manage your money, and advice on other matters of your life.”

Rebecca Foster

“Iftikhar has been my financial advisor since 2010. I was referred to Iftikhar by a friend and immediately when I met him I felt a connection and a level of comfort that I was looking for in an advisor. Iftikhar is always available to me if I have a questions and he definitely helps keep me organized and on top of things when I need to. He always makes an effort to meet me in person which makes my life easier and very much appreciated. Iftikhar is always looking out for my best interest and I rely on his expertise and knowledge immensely!. I look forward to many more years with Iftikhar as he helps me achieve my financial goals and I couldn’t be happier”

Yvonne Van Vliet

“We have been working with Iftikhar since 2009 and we went from having no financial plan to a solid plan that strikes the balance between enjoying life now and having a comfortable life when we retire. Iftikhar is realistic, helps us formulate goals and challenges us when needed, but does so in a respectful way and always listens to what is important to us. What we enjoy most about working with Iftikhar is that he is down to earth, attentive, very patient and very good at explaining the concepts of finance and investment. At the end of our regular review meetings, we not only feel we are in good financial position, we also feel we are better educated to make smart decisions.”

Daniella van Werringh

Stephen Crooks

“After reading a few books on how to find an “authentic” Financial Planner it was 5 years and a lot of stress before I found Iftikhar Mahmood and he supersedes my expectations consistently. I wasn’t looking for a bank or group to invest my money, I can do that, I wanted to leverage a long term financial partnership. Iftikhar left no stone unturned when he initially assessed my financials and at our yearly meetings, sometimes quarterly or monthly depending on the what’s happening, all components get re-evaluated to ensure no financial opportunities are left on the table. Iftikhar is financially savvy, customizing my investments to meet my long term and short term goals, and I know this because my portfolio is healthy despite economic ups and downs. What I love the most about my financial situation is; I don’t worry about my financial situation; Iftikhar does!”

Heather Jackson

“Iftikhar has been my financial advisor since 2007. I find him very knowledgeable, open to discussion, helpful and invariably professional. He has helped me consolidate and diversify my portfolio, always respecting my preferences and risk tolerance. He helped me obtain much better results than my last financial advisor. He recommended funds that performed beyond my expectations this year which has pleased me greatly. I would recommend Iftikhar to anyone who is looking for a financial advisor who is attentive, responsive and flexible.”

Fred Mazzia

“Iftikhar has been my financial advisor since 2008. In that time he has always been available to answer any questions and advise me on the progress of my investments. Iftikhar always stays on top of new investing opportunities and advises me on which of these developments I should incorporate. Besides being a great financial advisor Iftikhar is a great person who I’ve come to consider a friend.”

Rene Ostetto

“I have been a client of Iftikhar’s since 2008 and I am very impressed with my service and portfolio to date. His professional yet friendly demeanour is a welcome difference from former financial planners and advisors that I have put trust in.

That’s his value proposition…he really is trustworthy!

His subject matter expertise, continuing industry education and financial prowess gives me “peace of mind” that my hard earned dollars are truly working for me. I look forward to many more years Iftikhar and will continue to recommend you to my friends and colleagues!”

Darren Knowler

“Iftikhar has been our financial advisor since 2009. We were initially referred to him because of his knowledge of the TDMP program (tax deductible mortgage plan). We quickly realized that he has a vast knowledge of all financial investment options. What we appreciate most about Iftikhar is that he’s earned our trust to always have our best interest top of mind. He’s brought things to light that no other advisor has in our prior 20 years of investing with other advisors. He’s intelligent, patient, quick to respond, and an expert in his field! He always ensures we meet regularly in person to review our account, which is so much more impactful on the overall results than just receiving updates via statements in the mail. He’s helped us to establish our retirement goals, and keeps on track to accomplish those goals. Our children are now starting to invest with Iftikhar, and to us that speaks volumes of our trust in his abilities as a financial advisor and in him as a person.”

Guy & Linda Breault

“Iftikhar has been providing financial advice to myself and several friends for many years now. He has always taken an active role in providing advice and his advice has always been very aligned with our needs. Iftikhar looks at many innovative ways to help reach our financial goals that other advisors don’t do – others just stick with what they know. The advice we have gotten have substantially helped us financially already and that is the ultimate test of his advice even in hard times. We have worked well together and we trust his advice and that speaks volumes. We will always recommend Iftikhar to anyone who asks for a referral.”

Stephen Matyasfalvi, BASc, MBA, CFA